Islip Tax Payments

FAQ'S / Troubleshooting

FAQ / Troubleshooting: This page is specifically dedicated to helping you navigate and troubleshoot questions and/or issues you are encountering with this site. For questions regarding your Tax Bill, How to order a Tax Bill, Due Dates, Forms, etc., please visit the Receiver of Taxes home page, Any questions submitted to this Tax Support email that are not related to the use of this payment portal, will not be answered. Please review the FAQ’s below, as they will answer the major of questions and/or issues users have with this site.

  • Is it possible to split a payment between e-check and credit card?
    The online system only allows for a single type of payment. If a payment needs to be split, it MUST be done in person at our office.
  • Why does my payment show as pending?
    Payments will be processed internally following the night after the next business day. Ex: Payments made on a Friday will not be processed until Monday. This will not be reflected on this website until Tuesday morning, at which point the status will change to paid.
  • I am unable to locate my property.
    Streets containing cardinal direction should be searched as follows:
    1428 N Elm St
    Numbered streets Example: 101 10th St

    For a more in-depth search use the Assessment Roll to find the appropriate street name or item number.
  • How can I change my email / password?
    Please visit Account Settings to make any changes.
  • I created an account and received a verification email, why is my account disabled? Why can’t I log in?
    This site is specifically for PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY. Your account was most likely disabled because the system identified you as a 3rd Party and not the owner of the property. If you are a 3rd Party, please visit our website and search the information you are looking for. If you are not a 3rd Party and this occurred, please call our office.
  • I no longer wish to receive emails from this site, but I want to keep my account active.
    Select “Account Settings” and uncheck the box that says “Email me about Taxes
  • How do I cancel/remove/disable my account?
    Please email from the email address associated with your account including your name, address of the property and/or item number. Once removed, you will no longer have access to your account. This action cannot be undone..
  • I was late paying my taxes last year/previous years, why does it not show as paid on this site?
    When someone misses the May 31 deadline in a given tax year, any outstanding balance is no longer payable to the Receiver of Taxes, it is payable to the Suffolk County Comptroller. Therefore, payments made to the Comptroller will not reflect on the Receiver of Taxes site. We only show payments made to us..
  • How do I download/print this year’s Tax Bill?
    On the “Navigation Bar”, select “Step 2 Pay Taxes”. Under the “Actions” column, select “View Bill”. The current bill will populate in a separate box. You can download/print from here.
  • How do I download/print previous year’s Tax Bills?
    On the “Navigation Bar”, select “Tax Record History”. Multiple years of Tax Statements will be listed. Select the appropriate Tax Year. You can download/print from here.
  • When I bring up my Tax Bill for the current year, it shows the former owner. Why? Should I be worried?
    When you purchase a property, depending on the time of year and when we are preparing the Tax Bill, it can take up to 6 months for it to change on our end. There is no cause for alarm.
  • If my name does not appear, does that mean I do not have to pay my property taxes?
    No. You are responsible for your taxes from the first day you own your property.
  • I created my account, but I can’t see my property on my profile.
    You must ADD your property to your profile first, in order to view it. In the “Navigation Bar”, select “Step 1 Locate Property(s)”. Identify your property using street address or item number. Once your property appears in the bottom half of the screen, select “Add Property” under the “Action” column. You can now view any/all information available associated with this property.
  • When can I view next year’s Tax Bill?
    Each years Tax Bill becomes available online around the 2nd week of December. You cannot view/pay earlier than that. If you are signed up with this system and receive emails, the Tax Receiver will notify you via email when it becomes available.
  • Can I use this site to do research on other parcels in the Town of Islip?
    No! As mentioned several times, this site is exclusively for PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY to view/pay THEIR property taxes. Should anyone use this system for any other purpose, your account will be blocked indefinitely. Certain property tax information is available on the Receiver of Taxes webpage, or on the Assessors webpage, Please use those mediums to search. You may also perform property searches in person at both of those respective offices.
  • Do I need to create an account to view/pay my property taxes?
    Yes. Please follow the directions on the home page of this site.
  • I am a friend, attorney, banker, Realtor, broker, etc., working on behalf of the owner, can I use this site?
    NO! This site is exclusively for PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY to view/pay THEIR property taxes. If you are working “on behalf” of the owner, you are not the owner and you are a 3rd party.
  • Why do I have to pay $1.00 for an E-Check or 2.09% for a Credit/Debit card?
    The Receiver of Taxes office by law is not allow to charge a fee to collect/transact property taxes. We use a 3rd party company to process these payments online. These “convenience” fees are charged and collected by our 3rd party payment processer as payment for their services.
  • Why can’t I use my PayPal, Zelle, Venmo or other type of Online Payment source to pay my property taxes?
    The Town of Islip would need to enter into a separate contract with each of these online payment sources in order to facilitate financial transactions. Since we are not legally able to charge a fee to collect/transact property taxes, those fees would be passed along to the person using that service, which are most likely higher then are currently negotiated. Different people uses different servicers, which would result in different fees for different servicers. Online security and privacy of taxpayer information varies from one to the next, having various options of online payment servicers could increase liability to the taxpayer.
  • Can I use my savings account or money market account when selecting the E-Check option?
    No. You must use a checking account ONLY.
  • If I have insufficient funds in my checking account, will I incur a penalty/fee?
    Yes. There is a $20 bounced check fee anytime an E-Check payment that bounces.
  • How do I make good if my online payment bounces?
    In this case you would have to bring in or mail in 2 separate certified/bank checks. One for the $20 bounced check fee and one for the amount of your property taxes. You must rectify this situation within 5 business days from the time you were notified by email to avoid a scheduled penalty, if the incident occurs near a penalty date.
  • I’m trying to make a payment, but the system won’t allow me.
    Our online portal accepts payments during the collection season from mid-December to the following May 31. The system is unable to accept payments after May 31, as, by law, we are no longer in collection and legally unable to accept payments. The next day, (June 1st) all payments must be made to the Suffolk County Comptroller in Riverhead. Their website is and number is 631.852.3000. Our system will resume payment capability from the next collection in the following December.